Sleep When You're Dead

SWYD Tattoo & Barber shop is the brainchild of Mathew Pritchard, know for his years as a professional skateboarder and his on-screen pranks/stunts on the MTV hit series Dirty Sanchez, and more recently his series of long-distance triathlon races, endurance events and competitions. 


2 years ago I finally plucked up the courage to start my own business, something which is easy to dream about but actually a different story to put into action. It takes a lot of hard work, a lot of planning and a lot of learning new things day by day but its fun, exiting and stressful at the same time. To all of those who have been there you’ll know what i mean but its worth it.

Anyway, coming back to where i started. The shop in Cardiff’s two years old today and I'm very proud of it and the team of staff that have made it what it is today. Don't get me wrong, its taken a while to get the perfect team but i really do feel that the team i have in the shop at the moment are great. I’ve learnt a lot in those two years especially when it comes to business and how it works and i’m pleased to say what with all the hard work everyones put into it we are doing very well at the moment and the team is growing slowly but surely. As the saying goes “you must learn to walk before you can run” and i think thats what were doing. 

The opening party of the shop 2 years ago was fucking mental to say the least, the shop resembled a nightclub and to top it off we had an amateur firework display outside cardiff castle that didn't go quite to plan but i think we’ll leave that one there. lets just say we made a bit of noise and i don't think anyone present will forget that night in a hurry. Please find an edit Scott Carey did of the night below.

Due to the popularity of the shop i started having a few meetings with my mate Neil Navarra & mathew Benjamin about bringing the brand to Swansea. After a few meetings and looking at units in Swansea city centre we decided the best option was why find another unit when they already had the perfect place downstairs in the basement of No6 bar on princes way right next to the infamous ‘Wine st’ (if you've been to swansea you'll know) which was perfect. 

Ideas were put on the table and in the end we came up with the SWYD barbers/Bar/beer/vodka/coffee so you can basically come and have your haircut all week with a late night opening on thursday night for those wishing to have their haircut ready for the weekend after work whilst you enjoy our very own branded SWYD beer, vodka or coffee. We have a license till 1am so you can come and party and make as much noise as possible………..we're in a basement, no one can hear you scream (laughter). 

It’s very early days yet but i will update you via our social networking pages on changes, plans and up and coming events as i get it. But for now please come and enjoy our new barbers, bar and coffee shop

When i started this idea 2 years ago i really didn't expect it to take off like it has and cant believe I'm about to open my second shop. Keep eye’s peeled as we ain’t finished yet, there’s plenty of plans in the pipeline so for now please enjoy SWYD Cardiff & Swansea.

Of course id like to say a huge shouts out to all of our customers for their business you've been a great support and of course a huge shouts out to the team that brings SWYD together and our guest barbers and tattooists over the last 2 years. 

Adrian Rooke

John Smith

Aaron Usher

Miles O’Keefe

Aaron Rogers

Cory Rogers


I'd like to give a big shout out to Evo from City Surf for giving me the kick up the arse and helping me get my dream off the ground and generally being there for me when i needed him. Also id like to thank Sian Gunney for giving me the confidence and guidance when starting up and Nathaniel Jones as always for coming up with all the graphics work i drop on him even though he’s up to his eyeballs in work. And finally my family and Ciara Dunne as they were the ones picking up the stressful pieces when i thought i was loosing it (laughter). If i’ve forgotten anyone you know who you are. Thank you all and here’s to many more years.


©Sleep When You're Dead 2017